[Bluebird 2019] September-October Newsletter

Hello PGAS board and members,

Here is the fall issue of The Bluebird replete with all the regular program info, conservation news, schedule of activities, bird walk reports, beautiful bird photos, and - because it's September - news about our September Migration Celebrations. This year, we celebrate our 6th Annual Mi Casa es Su Casa Migration Celebration at Lake Artemesia in the morning, and continue with a new afternoon Flight Fest Migration Celebration at the College Park Aviation Museum and Airport with lots to see and do for all ages at both of them.

We kick off our Sep 2019-Jun 2020 program year with "Everything Monarch" with Lisa Bierer-Garrett and Christopher Garrett reporting back from their journey to the El Rosario Biosphere in Mexico.

So, relax and enjoy The Bluebird and I hope to see you soon,


Newsletter Editor

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Migration Celebration Saturday 9.21.19

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 10.39.38 AM.png

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Migration Celebration

Saturday, 9.21.2019

09:00am - 12:00pm

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Migration Celebration Saturday 9.21.19

The Prince George’s Audubon Society in cooperation with MNCPPC will hold its 6th annual migration-themed birding festival on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Lake Artemesia, from 9:00 a.m. to12:00 p.m.! There will be an early bird walk at 7:30 a.m. for all skill levels, bilingual family nature walks at 10:00 a.m., live owls and a raptor talk at 11:00 a.m., children's crafts, coloring mural,and a Monarch butterfly life cycle display. Lake Artemesia is at 8200 55th Avenue in College Park. 

The Migration Celebrationtheme continues with the Flight Festival1-4 pm at College Park Airport. 

For more information, contact Lisa Garrett, PGAS, at lgarrett@northbeachmd.org

Saturday, September 21, 1pm-4pm

A Migration Celebration: Flight Fest

Continue Migration Celebration:Mi Casa es Su Casa at Flight Fest,and celebrate long distance bird flights at the world’s oldest continuously operating airport. Come for an afternoon of guest speakers, bird watching, meet a glider pilot, special bird art exhibits, crafts, film fest, meet the Oriole Bird and more!

All ages; FREE, College Park Airport, 301-864-6029; TTY 301-699-2544

[Bluebird 2019] June-July-August Newsletter

Hope you're enjoying the breeze that softens the 80's temperatures today, and will find time to kick back and enjoy our "summer" issue. Join us at the Fran Uhler Natural Area (FUNA) bird walk in the morning (7:30 am) and at our last monthly Tuesday night gathering June 11 - until September 10, when we kick off our 2019-2020 program season. There are still our four regular year-round bird walks at FUNA, Governor Bridge NA, and Lake Artemesia NA throughout the summer.

See you soon,


[Bluebird 2019] April-May Newsletter

The Bluebird - just in time for bird migration in our yards, parks, communities, on our waterways, and at our May program with a hopeful Chimney Swift Watch to follow.  But, there's more within: a hawk watch; spring clean-up at the Fran Uhler Natural Area (the March one got rained out as you'll read within); planting native plants and beautifying (even more) Lake Artemesia as part of the annual Good Neighbor Day; two new fun birdathons - a Minibirdathon annnd a Maryland Birdathon);  and three green community festivals!  The Calendar of Activities has these and even more opportunities. This is the month encompassing not only April Fool's Day, but Earth Day and other significant dates.

We hope to meet you, hear from you, get to know you.


Maureen  Blades
Newsletter Editor


Maybe Ken, Beth, and Lisa can write up few news pieces or use some previous writeup from the Bluebird? —ik

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