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NEXT PROGRAMTuesday, February 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm at the College Park Aviation Museum

"What You and Your Parks Can Do Now to Help Save the Monarch" presented by Richard Dolesh

Monarch butterflies are in deep trouble.  Once found in great numbers throughout North America and much beloved for their multi-generational migration from Mexico all the way into Canada and the northern United States, monarch populations have declined nearly 95% in recent years.  But there is hope for this seriously threatened species.  This informative program will cover actions that you personally can take right now, this year, to attract, feed, and propagate more monarchs on their migration. It will also provide information on how you and your family, friends, and communities can take action as citizen volunteers working with your local park and recreation and public lands agencies. 

Whether you are already committed to the cause of monarch conservation, or if you are just learning what needs to be done, there will be much new for you to learn and new resources for you to discover how you can do more to help turn the tide for monarchs. In addition, you’ll hear some great ideas on how you and your friends can contribute to public education and conservation stewardship for this valuable wildlife species.

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