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NEXT PROGRAMTuesday, May 10 2016 at 7:30 pm at the College Park Aviation Museum

The 2015 Breeding Bird Survey at the Patuxent Research Refuge How it was done and what it found

presented by John Sauer

The Patuxent Research Refuge, at 13,000 acres, contains a variety of habitats, ranging from bottomlands along the Patuxent River to upland pine forests, to swamps and upland hardwoods.  The refuge has a long history of bird studies, which are facilitated by a system of grid markers, installed over most of the refuge in the 1940s, that forms a convenient framework for long-term studies.  In 2008, Dr John Sauer organized a bird survey around the grid system, visiting grid markers 400m apart and conducting bird counts during breeding season.  These counts were used to map bird distributions on the refuge, and to develop statistical models to evaluate the effects of management activities on bird populations.  In 2015, the survey was repeated to analyze changes in bird populations over the previous seven years. 

This talk will focus on the joys and tribulations of organizing and conducting a bird survey.

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